Tacoma Equity Index

Tacoma 2025 represents our community’s vision for Tacoma’s future. With defined indicators and other ways to measure progress, it is a plan that guides where the City of Tacoma – as both a local government organization and a community – is going over the next 10 years. The Equity Index is part of our strategy to connect the City’s strategic goals, council priorities, department initiatives, and other assessments to implement the community’s vision.

The Equity Index is an interactive tool that visually highlights disparities in Tacoma. It uses 29 data points sorted into five determinant categories to determine where community members are not able to access services or where services do not meet community needs. It is one of the primary tools that City staff, partners, and other decision makers use to help ensure they are making data-informed decisions to improve access to opportunity for all community members. Below you can access the open version of the Equity Index and jump into the data yourself.

Equity Index Map Tool




What are we doing with the Equity Index?
The Equity Index helps departments to make decisions about deploying resources in the community. One comprehensive example is our Environmental Service’s Urban Forestry Team and the work they are doing to improve tree canopy coverage and reduce urban heat island impacts in the community. They utilized the equity index, redlining maps, and the work they focus on to tell a story of how we should be addressing urban heat islands.

Tacoma Community Forestry


If you have questions or want to learn more, you can reach out to the Strategic Initiatives Coordinator Bucoda Warren at bwarren@cityoftacoma.org.