The Goal

By 2025, Tacoma residents will be engaged participants in making Tacoma a well-run city. The leadership of the city, both elected and volunteer, will reflect the diversity of the city and residents will fully participate in community decision making

Related 2025 Priorities

Improve neighborhood safety

Reduce proverty

Improve neighborhood business districts

Strengthen downtown Tacoma as a business core and residential option

Increase participation in arts and culture

Embrace Tacoma’s diversity of people, places, and cultures

Leverage and strengthen Tacoma’s arts and cultural assets

Grow and enhance the vitality of Tacoma’s neighborhood

Ensure accountable, efficient, and transparent city services

Improve and maintain Tacoma’s streets

Engage residents, stakeholders, and partners in the future of Tacoma

Strengthen the City’s fiscal sustainability

What does success look like?

To achieve the 2025 Goal for Civic Engagement we will need to identify strategies and partnerships to advance the work in each of the areas below:

  • Increase the # of residents who participate civically through volunteering and voting.
  • Elected officials, boards, commissions, and volunteer leadership will reflect the diversity of the Tacoma community.
  • Increase the percentage of residents who believe they are able to have a positive impact on community and express trust in the public institutions in Tacoma.
  • Representation at public meetings will reflect the diversity of the Tacoma Community.

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