2025 Framework

Tacoma 2025 has five goal areas, with each goal area representing a major theme in the vision and aspirations of the community.

Five Goal Areas:

In 2017, the Tacoma 2025 Advisory Committee updated Tacoma 2025 to include five Goal Areas. They did this to better organize the potential for growth and collaboration in the City and its community partners. For example, much of the work to improve the natural environment is ultimately about health, safety, and quality of life. Similarly, much of the work to improve the built environment is about safety, housing, and access to facilities and services.

Through their work and collaboration, the Advisory Committee identified these five goal areas:


Equity & Accessiblity

Tacoma residents are treated equitability and have access to services, facilities, and financial stability.

This goal is highly vital and important so residents are capable to reach their full potential and share in the benefits of community progress. This is why Equity and Accessibility are repeated measures throughout the Strategic Plan.

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Tacoma Residents have connected neighborhoods, accessible and efficient transportation options and vibrant arts and culture while maintaining affordability.

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Economy & Workforce

Tacoma residents can find livable wage jobs in key industry areas. Tacoma will be a place of choice for employers, professionals and new graduates

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Tacoma produces more graduates from high school and college, links residents to employment in the region, and invests in lifelong learning opportunities.

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Civic Engagement

Tacoma Residents that reflect the diversity of the City are engaged participants in making Tacoma a well-run City though community led decision-making, elected leadership, and volunteer leadership.

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