The Goal

By 2025, the city of Tacoma will be a city of choice in the region known for connected neighborhoods, accessible and efficient transportation and transit options, vibrant arts and culture. Residents will be healthy and have access to services and community amenities while maintaining affordability.

Related 2025 Priorities

Improve neighborhood safety

Increase active living

Improve overall health

Increase housing security

Improve services to youth and vulnerable populations

Reduce proverty

Strengthen downtown Tacoma as a business core and residential option

Increase participation in arts and culture

Leverage and strengthen Tacoma’s arts and cultural assets

Increase transportation options

Sustain and improve Tacoma’s natural environment

Grow and enhance the vitality of Tacoma’s neighborhood

Improve and maintain Tacoma’s streets

What does success look like?

To achieve the 2025 Goal for Livability we will need to identify strategies and partnerships to advance the work in each of the areas below:

  • Improve access and proximity by residents of diverse income levels and race/ethnicity to community facilities, services, infrastructure and employment
  • Increase the number of Complete Compact Communities/20 Minute Neighborhoods throughout the city
  • Improve health outcomes and reduce disparities, in alignment with the community health needs assessment and CHIP , for all Tacoma Residents.
  • Decrease the percentage of individuals who are spending more than 45% of income on housing and transportation costs.
  • Increase positive public perception of safety and overall quality of life.

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