The Goal

By 2025, Tacoma will be a growing economy where Tacoma Residents can find livable wage jobs in key industry areas.  Tacoma will be a place of choice for employers, professionals and new graduates.

Related 2025 Priorities

Reduce proverty

Increase the number and quality of jobs throughout Tacoma

Diversify Tacoma’s living wage business base

Improve neighborhood business districts

Strengthen downtown Tacoma as a business core and residential option

Prepare people to succeed in Tacoma’s workforce

Leverage and strengthen Tacoma’s arts and cultural assets

Grow and enhance the vitality of Tacoma’s neighborhood

Improve and maintain Tacoma’s streets

Strengthen the City’s fiscal sustainability

What Does Success Look Like?

To achieve the 2025 Goal for Economy and Workforce we will need to identify strategies and partnerships to advance the work in each of the areas below:

  • Increase the number of diverse livable wage jobs.
  • Increase the number of Tacoma households that have a livable wage jobs within proximity to the city
  • Increase the number of infrastructure projects and improvements that support existing and new business developments.
  • Increase the availability of industry specific education programs to support identified growth sectors.
  • Increase the percent of people relocating to the city and affordability of housing compared to neighboring jurisdictions.
  • Decrease the number of vacant properties downtown and in the neighborhood business districts.
  • Increase positive public perception related to the Tacoma economy.

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