Community members, partners and participants contributed to the strategic plan for Tacoma 2025. Here we look back at the process that brought us here today.



Tacoma 2025 was first defined by four core values


Tacoma abounds with opportunity and positions its residents to excel. Tacoma residents enjoy a spectacular natural setting and a world-class seaport. Tacoma is one of the most diverse major cities in the Pacific Northwest, and the City sustains a superior arts and cultural scene. Tacoma’s higher educational opportunities are excellent. Tacoma has remarkable access to the markets of the western United States and the Pacific Rim, yet benefits from a cost of living that is more affordable than nearby cities. Tacoma pursues its destiny from a foundation that is second to none.


Tacoma’s diversity is its greatest asset. In an increasingly global marketplace, Tacoma embraces its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic character. Communities of color and immigrant communities are fundamental to Tacoma’s entrepreneurial spirit, workforce, and long-term success. In Tacoma, equity and empowerment are top priorities, meaning that all Tacoma residents must have equitable opportunities to reach their full potential and share in the benefits of community progress.


The City of Tacoma cannot achieve this vision alone. Effective partnerships with community organizations, neighborhoods, business groups, and other government agencies are essential. This plan is the shared product of community collaboration. In pursuing the visions outlined here, the City will work closely with its partners to efficiently use existing resources. Bringing Tacoma 2025 to reality will be a community effort.


Tacoma has emerged from difficult times through fiscal discipline and hard decisions. Tacoma residents expect efficient and effective performance from their city government and the City’s officials and staff take this responsibility seriously. Pursuit of Tacoma 2025 will be transparent and accountable.

From these values, we then developed Seven focus areas to organize over efforts.


Opportunity Equity Partnerships Accountability

Government Performance

Built & Natural Environment

Arts & Cultural Vitality

Education & Learning

Economic Vibrancy & Employment

Human & Social Needs

Health & Safety

This has evolved into the four goals that drive our efforts today, with equity and accessibility an overarching theme. MORE ABOUT OUR FRAMEWORK